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Restaurant Menu from 12 Euro

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We advise all our guests of  the Restaurant Mino, located in the same street  Via Milazzo  Nr 18 Where, thanks to an exclusive arrangement, we can provide catering services at very convenient prices.

The  Mino restaurant is open every day and follows the next  hours: Lunch from 12:00 to 14:45 Dinner from 18.00 to 22.45
The Restaurant is  specialized in seafood menu and Roman cuisine, no pizza.

After several agreements with the direction of the restaurant Mino, we were able to provide our guests with special menus at a low cost. At the Mino Restaurant , you can eat outside at the  table,  or at its air-conditioned rooms , and for  group will be possible to organize dinners with live music to be arranged directly with the Director Mr. Andrea.

 - Hotel Viennese Roma

The restaurant Mino will let you taste his specialties also choosing international wines from the cellar stocked. For reservations, contact numbers 0039064452754 or fax 0039064959204


 - Hotel Viennese Roma

To take advantage of the agreement  will be giving our customers from our reception a voucher  with the desired
menu, and deliver it directly to the waiter at the restaurant in order to avoid any misunderstanding and to ensure
that our customers do not pay more than we have agreed with the restaurant. The menus are agreed at a fixed price , course eating a la carte  you will receive a 10% discount

 - Hotel Viennese Roma

Basic Menu 8.50 euro

(1 first choice and a side dish) or (1 first and 1 dessert choice) or (1 second and 1 vegetables of your choice) or (1 second and 1 dessert choice), half water or cans (Pepsi, Fanta, Sprite ) included.

Menu 12 euro

(1 first choice, 1 second choice, 1 choice of dessert), drinks extra.

Menu 15 euro

(Bruschetta with tomato, 1 first course, 1 second choice, 1 side dish of your choice, 1 choice of dessert), drinks extra.


Menu 40 euro

(Appetizer trio of sea, half risotto scampi sauce spaghetti with seafood and a half white, diamond-crusted potatoes or fried squid and shrimp, capricious salad, choice of dessert (fruit salad, pineapple, cake, ice cream), WATER AND WINE offered by restaurant.

 - Hotel Viennese Roma

Free Sky TV Vision

Free Sky TV Vision - Hotel Viennese Roma

All our rooms are provided with 42" Flat TV Screens ,